Hamilton Business Lawyers

At Inch Hammond Professional Corporation, business law is our only focus.

For more than a hundred years, we have served all kinds and sizes of businesses in Hamilton and nearby parts of Ontario. Whether you are an entrepreneur that's just starting out or an established business, we can assist with all of your company's legal needs.

Our firm is not a large, faceless corporation with interchangeable lawyers. As our client, you will get to know your legal team well, and we will become personally acquainted with your business and legal matters.

A Range Of Services

Our clients need our advice in a variety of areas of business law, including:

  • Aboriginal business law: Aboriginal businesses deal with a number of unique challenges, including overlapping federal and provincial regulations and taxation issues.
  • Bankruptcy/insolvency: As one of very few local firms with experience in bankruptcy law, we can advise both creditors and debtors on their legal options.
  • Business law: We can help you with corporate law, commercial law, director liability, finance, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic advice for your business.
  • Construction law: Many of our clients deal in the complex and sometimes financially risky world of construction and construction litigation.
  • Franchising and licensing: This covers all legal issues having to do with setting up a franchise, including creating contracts, finalizing purchases and sales, and litigation.
  • Information technology and intellectual property: We have a firm grasp on the legal needs of businesses whose main products cannot be grasped — because they are ideas and designs. We can help with litigation and other legal issues surrounding developing technology, copyrights and trademarks.
  • Labour/employment law: We represent employees and employers in workplace disputes that include dismissals, human rights concerns and workplace standards.
  • Litigation: When something — or anything — goes wrong in anything you are involved in, we are ready to take your case to the courtroom. This includes shareholder disputes and administrative litigation.
  • Real estate: Commercial real estate ventures often involve enormous amounts of money and legal risk. We protect our clients from liability and protect their interests if anything goes wrong.
  • Leases and leasing: Commercial landlords and tenant contracts are often daunting, and litigation is complex and high-stakes. Our lawyers can protect landlords and tenants from liability through thorough drafting and negotiation of leasing documents, and represent them in litigation if necessary.
  • Taxation: Our lawyers can ease the pain and help you through problems with your federal taxes, HST, excise tax and tax appeals.

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