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At Inch Hammond Professional Corporation, our technology and intellectual property clients range from small startup businesses to multinational corporations. They are involved in e-commerce and information technology, manufacturing and distribution, engineering, financial services, communications, entertainment and other creative fields.

The law governing the intersection between technology, the Internet, patents, marketing and other areas of business is evolving as rapidly as the technology that facilitates it. At Inch Hammond Professional Corporation, we pride ourselves on our ability to stay current in this ever-changing legal field.

One of our leading lawyers in this area is John Hammond, whose clients have come to appreciate his unique style and sense of humour. We were pleased and proud to learn that he was named one of Canada's Best Lawyers in the field of technology and intellectual property.

When Your Most Valuable Assets Are Ideas

Among other services, we provide guidance with:

  • Copyright: Our lawyers can protect your right to reproduce, perform, display or licence your work. We can advise you on copyright law as it relates to your work and help you register your copyright with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.
  • Trademark: We can assist you in protecting your trademark from infringement and help you register it.
  • Trade secrets and confidential information: If you have information that adds to the value of your products and is not generally available to the public, we can advise you on how to protect it. Our litigators can represent you if there is a dispute about who owns the trade secret, or if an employee has revealed trade secrets or other confidential information. We can also assist you in drafting the necessary documentation to keep other confidential information private.
  • Infringement litigation: We can help you protect and enforce your intellectual property rights to your designs, inventions, trademarks, copyright, confidential information and trade secrets.
  • Nondisclosure agreements: These are often essential to protect your products or manufacturing processes.
  • Marketing, e-sales and the Internet: Our lawyers can advise you on the consequences of various business decisions concerning marketing and sales using social media and other parts of the Internet, particularly when it comes to protecting your information and that of your clients.

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