Hamilton Employment And Labour Lawyers

Nobody wants a labour or employment dispute. A conflict can become financially destructive, bring disruption to the workplace, and cause stress to everyone involved.

At Inch Hammond Professional Corporation, our employment law lawyers can help you avoid problems before they begin through well-drafted contracts and through educating employers and employees about their legal rights and obligations.

We can help you avoid an escalating crisis through negotiation. And if all else fails, we can represent you in court or at a tribunal so that you are protected as much as possible.

Services For Employees

Our labour law and employment lawyers provide employees and union clients with advice and representation regarding:

  • Employment contracts: We can advise you on your rights and obligations under the contract, particularly if you are having difficulties with compensation, duties or workplace environment.
  • Human rights: We can help you with issues of discrimination, harassment, disability, pregnancy and parental leave, and a variety of other matters.
  • Wrongful dismissal and severance packages: Being let go from your job is never a pleasant experience. We can help ease the blow by ensuring that your severance package gives you the financial compensation you are entitled to. If negotiation is possible, we can negotiate for more.

Services For Employers

As an employer, you have certain rights but also many obligations. We can provide strategic advice and representation for:

  • Dismissal: By fulfilling all of your obligations to employees such as sufficient warnings, documentation and severance pay, you can protect yourself from a potentially damaging claim.
  • Workplace environment: We can help you maintain standards and protect yourself from claims of human rights or safety violations, workplace harassment and other potentially damaging claims.
  • Conflict resolution: If you are already involved in a conflict with an employee, we can represent your interests and help you resolve the dispute in a manner that avoids greater expense and disruption to your business.
  • Severance packages: We can help you negotiate for packages that are fair to your business.

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