Business Litigation Lawyers For Hamilton And Surrounding Areas

Conflicts are messy and costly.

Unfortunately, they cannot always be avoided. If you are hit with a lawsuit, want to bring a claim on another party, or find yourself in a dispute, we can help you resolve your legal issue efficiently and effectively.

At Inch Hammond Professional Corporation, whether we are helping you with contract disputes, giving you strategic advice on employment issues, or helping you to defend a trademark, our aim is to keep your business running well and protecting you from liability.

When Agreeing To Disagree Won't Do The Trick

Our lawyers can help you with all aspects of business litigation, including:

  • Administrative law/judicial review: Many business disputes are handled not in court but before administrative bodies. We are familiar with their practices and procedures and can represent you before them. We can also help you appeal to the courts if necessary.
  • Shareholder disputes: Whether you are a shareholder, director, owner or manager, we can help you deal with internal corporate conflicts such as oppression actions.
  • Construction disputes: When your construction project runs into costly delays, we can help protect your investment.
  • Taxes: Going up against the Canada Revenue Service can feel overwhelming. We can help you feel like you've got more than just a slingshot on your side.
  • Defamation: We have assisted various clients in understanding what legal avenues are available when defamation harms their business.
  • Injunctions: For certain situations, you may require emergency action such as Anton Piller or Mareva injunctions to stop the other side in a conflict from causing you immediate harm, or to force them to comply with their obligations before your business is irreparably damaged.
  • Appellate work: If a lawsuit has not ended well for you, or if the other side has appealed, our legal team can help you determine whether an appeal is in your best interests.
  • Provincial offences: Whether your business is dealing with bylaw infringement or other provincial matters, we can help you defend yourself.
  • Judgment enforcement: Obtaining a court order is not always the final step. If you are having difficulty enforcing it, we can help you explore your options and protect your interests.

Our approach often relies heavily on alternative dispute methods including mediation and arbitration; these methods can be faster and more efficient than going through the court system. If your particular matter requires going to court, we are willing and able to vigorously represent you and advance your interests before a judge.

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