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Bankruptcy And Insolvency

Effective Representation in Bankruptcy Law

The economic climate our clients work in is unpredictable. Unexpected developments, cashflow challenges, a deal that doesn’t go through, a legal dispute or a market upset can result in severe financial difficulty that can affect any business, as well as its partners and creditors.

At Inch Hammond Professional Corporation, we help both creditors and debtors deal with financial setbacks. We know that these situations require a detailed understanding of bankruptcy laws and an ability to find creative solutions.

We have practiced bankruptcy law in Hamilton since our origin. We know the practical realities of bankruptcy administration, and we use our familiarity with both sides of the process to benefit our clients.

Our lawyers can help you understand your rights as a creditor or debtor and find effective, efficient solutions.

We Offer Strategic Advice For Clients Facing Bankruptcy

We can help you explore alternatives to declaring bankruptcy. Our lawyers will evaluate your situation and see if there is any way of restructuring your debts or working with your creditors to find a repayment schedule that will work for you. Together, we will examine your:

  • Debts and terms of payment
  • Sources of income
  • Assets, including personal and business assets
  • Guarantees on contracts
  • Family situation

We can help you use the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act to cut your debt. If avoiding bankruptcy is not possible, our experienced lawyers can still help protect your personal and family assets and make the process less traumatic, particularly if your situation involves income tax matters.

Preserving Creditors’ Rights

Our lawyers can help protect your business from loss. We can:

  • Advise you on the probable collectability of unpaid invoices and accounts by examining your debtor’s prior bankruptcy filings, judgments and payment history
  • Advise you on your options as a creditor considering the likelihood of repayment
  • Help you arrange payment plans with debtors so that your debtors can avoid bankruptcy and you can get paid
  • Oppose bankruptcy discharges in court
  • Help preserve your claim and maintain its priority over other claims
  • Deal with any issues of fraud from your debtor

Our lawyers can help preserve your rights and protect your business from loss in the bankruptcy system. We can perfect the bankruptcy process, getting the proof of claim to the bankruptcy trustee and making sure it is preserved.

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