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When you need a non-disclosure agreement for your tech startup

You’ve got a bright idea and the talent to bring it to life – but your coding skills might not help turn your startup into a legitimate business. You’ll need to consult business lawyers, investors and potential partners as well. You might be thinking about drafting a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to make sure that no one takes your idea and makes a billion dollars before you.

What do you know about a breach of contract on sales of goods?

Recently, you signed a contract on sales of goods, but now you wonder if the other party violated that agreement. Because this is the first time this happened, you are unsure of how to articulate your grievances in a way to plead your case properly.

Why a boring hiring strategy can give you a competitive advantage

The hiring process is not what it was a generation ago. While previously, submitting a resume, attending a job interview – and not bombing it – was a pretty sure-fire strategy to land you a job offer. These days, the market is more competitive, and the process has become considerably more complicated.

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