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Starting a company is only the beginning of your business’s legal needs

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2021 | Business Law

As an entrepreneur, you probably anticipated needing assistance in forming your new company. However, you may have thought that once you accomplished this, your business law needs would be few and far between.

However, you’ll still need to ensure that your business continuously complies with Ontario’s new and changing laws. There are a variety of ways in which you’ll need to ensure your legal bases are covered as you begin operations.


If you plan to have employees, you will need to make sure you do not violate laws regarding pay, benefits, discrimination, harassment and more. You may need a comprehensive employee handbook in order to make sure everyone understands the policies and procedures on these issues and more. If you wish to make sure certain aspects of your business remain secret, you could need other agreements with employees as well.

Third parties

If you plan to do business with other parties, you will more than likely need to enter into contracts with them to protect your business. You would not want inadequate language or missed provisions to create loopholes that allow the other party involved to avoid fulfilling their obligations under the contract. You will want to ensure that such contracts protect your rights as fully as possible – and avoid the possibility of a dispute.

These are just two instances in which your company will probably need ongoing support from a business lawyer. As a business owner, you’re not expected to understand all of Ontario’s laws that apply to your industry or business. Developing a relationship with a lawyer who focuses in this area can help to ensure the success of your new company for years to come.