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How can you remove a member from your LLC after its formation?

When you initially form a limited liability corporation (LLC), you work with a group of people who have similar goals and values in order to take an idea and turn it into a viable business. These people become investors or members who have a financial – and perhaps operational – interest in the business you form together.

Are there benefits to setting up a shell company for my business?

Virtually all companies have employees and provide either goods or services to the public. However, this is not the case with shell companies. The primary goal of shell companies is to manage funds on behalf of another company, which typically does have employees and does offer something to customers.

How to avoid contract disputes

No matter the size of your company, contracts will be a crucial aspect of your business. You will need them to get started, and you will need them to grow. You may need contracts with vendors, employees and clients in the course of operations. It is essential that these contracts be legally binding and advantageous for your business.

Tips for investing in stocks

There are a few helpful research tips you may want to consider before you delve into the buying and selling process of trading stocks. It's essential that you also seek legal counsel on what your legal obligations and rights are when buying and selling stocks. Certain situations, such as insider trading, can prove to be costly and could jeopardize your business interests.

Selling and purchasing stocks

When it comes to buying and selling stocks, there are a number of details that go into the transaction that are crucial to understand. An experienced business professional or forensic accountant will be able to identify the complexities of such a transaction.

The risks of buying equity securities

One of the ways that company profits can be shared is through an equity security. This is a type of investment that allows individual investors to benefit from the profits of a specific company. However, this type of investment also comes with a set of risks because an investor can also suffer financial losses when a specific company underperforms.

Financial impacts of markets and exchanges

One method that companies use to generate or increase funds is to put up new stocks for sale. Investors can then choose to purchase a new stock option, known as underwriting. When a new issuance of stocks is put forward for purchase, it's known as an IPO, or initial public offering.

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