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Corporate Law/Director Liability

Lawyers With Vast Knowledge Of Corporate Law

Our corporate clients have a wide range of needs, from help with incorporation, reorganization, purchase and sale of the business, to winding up. We also help with litigation, including litigation dealing with director liability.

At Inch Hammond Professional Corporation, our lawyers have practiced corporate law for over a century. We know what we’re doing.

Corporate Services

The services we provide to our corporate clients include:

  • Discussing the benefits of incorporation, and helping you find the appropriate corporate structure to maximize profits
  • Helping with reorganization when your needs are no longer served by your current structure
  • Preparing shareholder, partnership and joint venture agreements
  • Preparing trust documents
  • Preparing asset and share purchase agreements
  • Helping you negotiate and carry out business transactions

Director Liability

Sometimes directors of corporations may be held responsible by creditors, investors and employees, who will try to pursue the directors personally.

We can go over the responsibilities and potential liabilities of federal or Ontario corporate directors, whether in private, closely held or public companies. We can also discuss strategies to limit exposure and limit potential liability.

We can discuss the requirements of due diligence and the various statutes that may be relevant to you in terms of imposing personal liability. These include both provincial and federal legislation relating to corporations, taxation and employment. We’ll also review the corporation’s bylaws in detail and discuss indemnification agreements and directors and officers (D & O) liability insurance.

If you are already involved in litigation, pending or otherwise, we will discuss your defence and options.

We also represent plaintiffs with a claim against directors who have not performed with due diligence and have caused them loss.

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