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Contract Negotiations

Contract Negotiations – Over A Century Of High-Calibre Experience

Contracts are important legal agreements that involve negotiating the best terms for the parties involved. When properly written and compliant with all legal requirements, well-drafted contracts can help avoid costly litigation.

Inch Hammond Professional Corporation has represented clients in complex contracts in Hamilton, Ontario, since 1858. Our accomplishments in this area are indicative of our ability to successfully negotiate contracts representing clients’ best interests.

Proactive Contract Negotiations Aimed At Avoiding Litigation

When your business interests are at stake, the need for experienced counsel is important. Having a professional at your side ensures that your interests are represented and protected at the negotiating table.

Our lawyers have over a century of experience effectively negotiating contracts for a variety of business clients. Backed by knowledge of contract law, we ensure that drafts are solid, represent your interests and contain protective clauses in case the need for contingencies arises. By ensuring that contracts meet your needs and goals, we strive to help you avoid future litigation.

Providing Skillful And Effective Representation

Our firm has a rich history of successfully advising clients in contract negotiations. We have a proud tradition of assisting clients with a wide variety of contract needs, including:

  • Agreements of purchase and sale
  • Employment agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Share purchase agreements

Our lawyers understand the elements of a contract and the pitfalls that clients need to avoid. Backed by over a century of knowledge, we know how to negotiate contracts that include advantageous clauses protecting your investments, such as noncompetition clauses. We also negotiate for remedies that favour your interests.

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