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Employers: Conflict Resolution

Providing Employers With Experienced Conflict Resolution Guidance

Employers have a duty to deal with matters of hiring and firing. The law imposes legal obligations on employers, especially when it comes to employee terminations. Failing to observe the rules can lead to lengthy litigation.

Inch Hammond Professional Corporation has lawyers with decades of experience advising employers about their legal rights and obligations in Hamilton, Ontario. Our lawyers have advised hundreds of employers on how to prevent and resolve employee conflicts.

Reducing Liability Exposure For Employers

Employers who intend to dismiss employees must be aware of their legal obligations. If employers fail to observe legal requirements, they can expose themselves to liability. Employee conflicts can be time-consuming and costly to resolve.

Backed by decades of experience, our lawyers know how to minimize employer liability. We will provide employers with solid legal advice and guidance in resolving employee conflicts. We will also arm employers with the knowledge they require to prevent conflicts in the future.

Strategic Advice In Employee Conflict Situations

We advise employers of all their legal obligations towards employees. We analyze each conflict carefully. Our lawyers are methodical, but creative when approaching problem-solving. We will vigorously pursue the most promising options to resolve the matter in your best interests.

If litigation arises, our firm is well-equipped to deal with an administrative or court action. Employers can rest assured that no matter which stage the employee conflict is at, we can step in and help you resolve it.

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