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Human Rights Tribunal

Helping Clients Navigate Through Human Rights Tribunal Matters

Employment conflicts have the potential to end up at the Human Rights Tribunal. This can have severe consequences for employers. Monetary awards are only one possible consequence. Employers also have to be worried about their reputation if a complaint is made against them.

Inch Hammond Professional Corporation has represented clients in front of administrative bodies and courts for over a century. Backed by high level experience of representing a variety of employers and employees, we offer sophisticated analysis and creative problem resolution.

Helping Employers Mitigate Human Rights Claims

Employers accused of wrongdoing in a human rights matter need a strategic consultation with a lawyer who understands the issues. Our firm has a rich history of aiding employers with sensitive employment matters.

We regularly advise employers on their human rights obligations. We analyze the case, provide strategic advice, and examine where we can negotiate a settlement to end the action. If the case continues, we will:

  • Represent you in how to respond to a claim
  • Advocate your case
  • Provide sophisticated and knowledgeable representation

Skillful Employee Representation

When a human rights matter is brought before the tribunal, it often includes issues of:

  • Discrimination
  • Harassment
  • Pregnancy
  • Parental leave
  • Disability

Facing the Human Rights Tribunal requires having an experienced party on your side. Our knowledgeable lawyers will safeguard your interests and support you throughout the matter.

Guiding Employees Through The Process

When an employee believes his or her human rights have been breached, that employee requires accurate analysis and advice. We can help you determine whether a human rights claim is advisable for your particular circumstances.

We will provide you with thorough analysis of the issues. If your case goes ahead, we will use our skills to prepare a solid case. You can rely on our lawyers to see the matter through to its conclusion.

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We offer experienced representation for employer-employee conflicts in the Hamilton area. You can reach us through our online form or call us at 1-800-339-6086.