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Administrative Law Judicial Review

An Effective Ally In Administrative Law Issues

At Inch Hammond Professional Corporation, we have a great deal of experience appearing before administrative bodies. Regulatory tribunals, boards and commissions we appear before include:

Administrative Law Can Be Confusing

The decisions made by administrative bodies can have a dramatic effect on your business. Your business may depend on someone representing your case fully and well.

Each board has its own rules and regulations governing how it conducts its business and what it is empowered to decide. Our administrative law lawyers can help you prepare for a hearing, explaining the process, determining what kind of evidence and documentation you will need, and representing your interests at the hearing.

Helping You Navigate Through The Process

If necessary, we can also help you challenge an administrative board decision by applying for judicial review in provincial or federal court. We can also help you uphold a decision made in your favour if the opposing side applies for judicial review to challenge it.

Whether your case involves human rights, licensing, land and property matters or any other area of importance to your business, don’t leave it to chance.

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