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Avoid this mistake when advertising a job posting on Facebook

Social media has made it more convenient than ever to communicate with the entire world. It allows celebrities to connect with their fans. It makes it easy for you to keep up with your friends from high school. And it’s also become a valuable avenue to share information.

What employment rights do new parents have in Ontario?

If you’re expecting a new child, you may have questions about what rights you have with respect to your job. Will you be allowed to take time off when your baby arrives? What types of benefits can you expect while you’re away from work? What assurances do you have that you’ll still have a job when you return?

Investigating harassment in your company

Like many who run businesses, you may aspire to create a work environment where your employees feel like family. You may hope they will enjoy working together and, perhaps, even spend their free time socialising and supporting each other. Even if you do not expect your employees to become fast friends, you will at least want them to get along and to show respect for one another.

Court of Appeal helps employees receive more for wrongful dismissal

A fundamental principle of wrongful dismissal damages holds that damages compensate employees for their actual economic loss. As an employee, if you win a wrongful dismissal case, you are entitled to receive severance pay for a notice period determined by the court. However, this award only applies to income you lost during that notice period.

Vacation pay and terminations

As the year winds down, many employees may be wondering what to do with their remaining vacation days. Some companies may let you carry over your unused vacation days. Others may only let you carry over a certain number of days, and any remaining unused days are lost at the end of the year.

Harassment and the “MeToo” Movement

The “MeToo” movement is an on-going, large-scale activism movement against sexual harassment. It gained widespread attention in 2017 through public allegations of various degrees of harassment in the workplace against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. More victims come forward soon afterwards with their own experiences in a variety of professions.

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